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Wer sind wir?

Good day,

my name is Tijl van der Meché. I, along with my brother Claas van der Meché, have been fascinated by fireworks since we were children. We held our first big fireworks display on the occasion of a 60th birthday in January 2016 when we were 14/18 years old. A year later our first professional wedding fireworks in the circle of acquaintances followed. Now we have finally made the decision to register a business and be able to demonstrate our skills in public.  

I am currently in the training phase to become a state-approved pyrotechnician for large fireworks at NICO Europe GmbH in Remscheid. My brother Claas van der Meché (professionally a pilot), my father Jörg Peter Schmiddem (management of Karstadt Kaufhof) and Rainer Hetzel support me in this venture.



We have specialized in professional fireworks for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays. marriage proposals, etc. and have modern and highly professional equipment, such as an ignition system, which is also used for large fireworks, and camera and sound equipment for photo and video recording.

We look forward to your inquiry and will be happy to advise you.

Unser Team

Tijl van der Meche

Tijl van der Meché


Claas van der Meché

managing Director  and owner

Consulting, planning, implementation


Rainer Hezel

Quality Assurance and Construction

planning, video recording

and technical maintenance


Jorg Peter Schmiddem

logistics and construction

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